VIBES – “Culture in Crisis, Crisis in Culture”

Jerusalem24 – Dima Sakf al Heit, the program coordinator of al Qattan Foundation, joined us to give us an overview on the outdoor cinema’s future events. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m., a new film is played on screen, with 50 seats accessible for the general public. The most recent film, “just don’t think, ill scream,” was about the director’s experience seeing 400 films in six years, as well as his personal story of his breakup and what was going on in Paris at the time. The film was in French with Arabic subtitles, and it was an experiment in how visuals and words combine. Dima also spoke with us about the zoom series “Culture in Crisis, Crisis in Culture,” which is centered on the debate about whether the Arab Spring is the only element that has led to the current state of Arab cinema. Dima counters by stating that Arab films critics pay little attention to language, form, or reality, and instead are only focused on connecting the films to contemporary political, social, or economic events. This program will have three talks, the first of which will take place on Tuesday, August 17th. This discussion will concentrate on the perspectives of film curators and programmers with guest speakers. For additional information on any of Al Qattan’s activities, go to their Facebook page, which will include all the details, including a zoom link, a week before the events.

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