Prisoners commission: Minors face harsh conditions in their cells 

Jerusalem24 – The lawyer of the Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission, stated that during her visit to Megiddo prison that minors are subjected to difficult living conditions inside their cells during their arrest and interrogation.

17-year-old Muhammad Ali Muhammad Musleh, from the Dheisheh refugee camp, said, “the conditions of life in the Etzion Detention Center are very bad, and the food is bad and in small quantities, and we are are not allowed to go out for recess. They let us shower only once and for a few minutes.”

He added that the bunks are made of worn-out iron and there are no mattresses on them, and there are dirty blankets that the prisoners spread on the bed to sleep on.

This was confirmed by the prisoner 17-year-old Ahmed Ali Abu Samra, from Qalandia, North of Jerusalem, through the lawyer of the commission that visited him.

In a related context, Section 18 in the Ofer Detention Center was transformed into a special section to hold the boys who are newly arrested or who are transferred from other prisons to Ofer, while the number of child detainees and minors in the Israeli prisons reached nearly 200 prisoners.

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