VIBES – The Virtual Orchestra for Palestine – Palvo

Jerusalem24 – The pandemic struck all aspects of our lives hard, and Mahmoud Abu Hashash, the director of the Qattan Foundation’s cultural and artistic programs, is here to talk to us about how the pandemic affected the arts sector. We learned about PALVO, a virtual orchestra that is part of a new project to promote musical creativity in and outside of Palestine in the spirit of cooperation and solidarity. Palvo was submitted by Palestinian composer Bishara Khell last year in the midst of corona, the orchestra intends to approach this work from an artistic and cultural standpoint. An outlet for creativity, an opportunity to demonstrate individual abilities, solidarity with Palestinian artists and other musicians, better access to production and marketing methods, and funding are just a few of the advantages that musicians can enjoy from Palvo. No specific qualifications are required to join Abu Hashash’s production; all that is required is a passion for music and the ability to wow them with your abilities! In addition, Abu Hashah invites singers and lyricists to join them. If you fulfill these criteria or are interested in the project, please visit their website to learn more and, perhaps, apply!

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