Israel withdraws several goods it approved for the Gaza Strip

Al-Ayyam: There was no escalation that can be a justification for the withdrawal.

Jerusalem24 – The Presidential Committee for Coordinating the Entry of Goods into the Gaza Strip announced that the Israeli authorities informed the Palestinian side of withdrawing a number of goods at the Karam Abu Salem crossing, more than a week after their approval.

The committee confirmed that Israel has returned and prevented the entry of 34 goods to the Strip, including mobile devices, electrical appliances, smart devices and their accessories.

The Palestinian daily newspaper, Al-Ayyam, reported that the Israelis did not give any justification for the prohibition of the mentioned goods, and there was no escalation or launching of balloons that might be a justification for that.

Analysts described the new Israeli move as an attempt to tighten the noose around the Gaza Strip, amid warnings of its consequences.

Al-Ayyam learned that consultations are taking place between activists and some groups and parties in Gaza, in order to respond to the Israeli move, amid expectations that incendiary balloons will be renewed from the Strip in the coming hours.

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