VIBES – Mental Health in Palestine with Mona el Zuhairi

Jerusalem24 – Given the physical and psychological traumas we suffer as a result of the occupation and political difficulties, mental health should be a top focus in our community. Mona Zuhairi, a Palestinian phycologist, joined us to talk about how we may improve our mental health. Zuhairi advises the community to start programs to battle anxiety on both a collective and individual level, and she emphasizes that abnormal anxiety requires professional intervention. We delved into mental health clinical visits and how the stigma surrounding seeking mental help is changing. Zuhairi praised the shifting stigma for making people more conscious that their mental stress is caused by the pandemic and political challenges, and that it’s good to seek help. She also praised online clinics for providing the comfort of anonymity. Zuhairi encourages people to advocate for mental health as a part of their overall well-being, and to treat mental illness as a physical ailment. A predictable and consistent schedule, a solid support system, passionate interests, relationships with others, daily self-care sessions, exercise, and self-validation are some recommendations for a healthy mind.

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