VIBES – Pet Palace

Jerusalem24 – Everyone enjoys the pleasant experience of staying in a hotel, and now your pets may enjoy it as well! We were joined by George Ghattass, the owner of Pet Palace, Palestine’s first pet hotel, which is located in Ramallah. We talked about where the concept for a pet hotel came from, George’s lifelong desire of owning an animal-related business, and the passion that went into the project. The Palace provides boarding , as well as indoor and outdoor play facilities, a swimming pool, and a grooming area for dogs, other pets such as cats and birds can enjoy the Palace’s accommodating boarding. Ghattas proudly stated that his expectations of his business growing were exceeded, and that the demand for pet boarding is increasing as the pet culture grows. During the summer, pet owners are advised to ensure their pets are free of fleas and ticks, vaccinate them, feed them high-quality food, and most importantly, love them! Ghattas encourages parents and schools to teach their children proper animal behavior and to value pets as family members. People are encouraged to bring their dogs to the palace to interact and to rest easy knowing that they are safe and all that at a reasonable fee.

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