VIBES – Al Harajeh Market with Mays Reviews

Jerusalem24 – Are you looking for a fun family outing? Do you enjoy seeing examples of creativity? Do you want to help small businesses and craftspeople in your community? We have the ideal location for you! Mays joins us on this episode to tell us about the Haraja Market. We discussed the organization’s market’s goals of encouraging culture and its delight in showcasing local vendors. We talked about the post-covid excitement of markets, as well as some of Mays’ favorite booths, such as Hiba Tanous’s Palestinian scenery sketching. Mays recounted the cultural performances, which included everything from children’s storytelling to dancing and music acts. Mays gave us some helpful market tips while also discussing her online guide, which you can find on Mays Reviews. The guide aims to showcase and assist inform the public about artisans online in one place, including links to the artisans’ individual social media accounts.

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