Wake Up Palestine – Humsa Thirsting to Remain

How a Palestinian community is facing dispossession in the Jordan Valley.

Jerusalem24 – Wake Up Palestine – Humsa – Al Bqai’a is a Palestinian community in the Jordan valley, that has been facing some grueling realities as of late. On July 7th, the Israeli Civil Administration accompanied by the military demolished the community, taking down 30 structures, including homes and animal shelters. Leaving 42 people, 24 of whom are children, homeless. According to the United Nation’s Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs in the West Bank, Water tanks and even animal troughs were also confiscated. Including personal articles such as clothing, hygiene materials and even toys.

Since the demolition, the ICA has not allowed any humanitarian assistance to be delivered to the part of the community which remains at the site, with the sole exception of some water bottles today. Having repeatedly been refused access, humanitarian organizations were allowed to access the demolition site for only a few minutes today. Some people remain at the site of the demolition, while the majority of women and children have temporarily moved to a nearby hamlet. There, they have received some initial humanitarian assistance.

In this episode, Mohammad Hamayel discusses the situation Humsa is facing with Dr. Dr fatimah Awad, Founder and president of United in humanity; A nonprofit organization that provides acute medical dental care and humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

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