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A plan to leave Jerusalemites behind

How Palestinians are facing discrimination in Israeli development plans.

Jerusalem24 – Another new plan looms over the Palestinians living in east Jerusalem. Not only are forced expulsions, ethnic cleansing and discrimination threatening their existence; but a new city plan by the Israeli municipality. The plan aims at extra control of the city, especially of Palestinian properties and Palestinian existence in favor of raising the Jewish population in the city. So basically, it’s a renovation plan but rather a discriminatory one.

Jerusalem human rights organizations gathered to oppose the Israeli city center plan, which in turn narrows the noose and urban expansion in Bab Al-Sahira, Wadi Al-Joz, and Al-Masoudiya neighborhood.

Nasser al-Hidmi, head of the Jerusalem Committee against Judaization in Jerusalem, said that this scheme aims to achieve greater control and demographic expansion in the city. In return it prevents the Palestinians of Jerusalem from development.

He also added that if we compare this plan with the western part of the city, we see that this plan does not allow Jerusalemites to build vertically, as in West Jerusalem, under the pretext of preserving the old character in the eastern part of the city.

Al-Hidmi indicated that the plan also aims to take over Palestinian buildings for the sake of the occupation municipality, including their ownership. Changing them according to their vision, and to prevent Palestinians from building on their lands in the eastern part of Jerusalem.

Nasser Al-Hidmi stressed that the occupation authorities are constantly seeking to pressure the Jerusalemites and expel them outside the borders of the municipality. He also adds that this in itself is an integrated strategic plan, as there is no legal means for the Palestinians because the Israeli courts are also arms to implement their plans.

Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a temporary precautionary order freezing the procedures of the “City Center” plan in East Jerusalem, after revealing many violations in its publication. In its decision, the court said that it would freeze the plan’s procedures until a further decision is issued.



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