VIBES – summer tips for a healthy lifestyle with Zaina Barghouti

Jerusalem24 – In our interview with dietitian Zaina Barghouti, We talked about healthy eating habits and how to make them a lifestyle. it is essential that we have diets that t enhance our immunity and increase hydration during the summer while maintaining a healthy balance of the six food groups. Barghouti also provided parents some advice on how to adapt to their children’s summer camp schedules while offering them a balanced energizing diet – and shared her thoughts on the Keto diet and its detrimental impacts on our mental and physical health due to its carbohydrate-free diet. Barghouti also offered us some general summer tips, such as staying hydrated, increasing our intake of vegetables and fruits, limiting our caffeine intake, planning our meals and ensuring that they are balanced across all food groups, and finally, choosing a diet that is tailored to us to be adopted as a lifestyle.

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