VIBES – VR shows of the Israeli violations in Jerusalem, Hebron and Gaza

Reham Al Faqih , director of communications and development at the Miftah organization, spoke to VIBES about the VR shows of the Israeli violations in Jerusalem, Hebron and Gaza within different initiatives in each region.

Al Faqih confirmed that “the Foundation tried to organize the performances in a different way and with new tools based on all the tools adopted by the Palestinian youth to communicate at the local and international levels, in addition to adapting the form of the presentations to the form of work accomplished by the youth during the three-year period, through which they worked to document the violations practiced by the occupation, especially in Jerusalem, Hebron and the Gaza Strip.

Reham explained that “the presented issues are based on specific areas and review the form of violations, and will take the viewer to a journey of violations that take place in reality against the Palestinians and make them feel as if they are living these violations, and it is closer to embodying reality and contributes to spreading the Palestinian narrative on an international scale with the ideas of Palestinian youth, and it deals with violations of ​​rights, including human rights and issues related to the right to movement, the right to housing and the right to worship, and other human rights usurped, as well as access to protection and health.

Al-Faqih added that among the titles of the performances were “Our Protection is a Right” in Gaza, “100 Checkpoints” in Hebron, and “We Are the Origin” in Jerusalem.

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