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Jerusalem24 – As a reaction to the Israeli aggression in Sheik Jarrah and Gaza, many international artists and celebrities were proudly standing in solidarity with Palestine. They openly showed their support to the Palestinian cause on their social media accounts. Therefore, a page called Celebrities for Palestine showed up to monitor these celebrities’ posts.

In an interview with one of the page’s admins he explains that after the events in Jerusalem started, the idea of creating such page came to surface. As they were pleasant to witness the support of many athletes, celebrities, actors, and football players to the Palestinian cause. So basically, this page fully focuses on documenting and highlighting the solidarity from celebrities who speak up for Palestine.

Celebrities for Palestine aims to bring the Palestinian voice to life despite the attempts of the Israeli occupation that is trying to shadow the Palestinian cause away.

Also, the page’s main target is the international voices whereas, Arab artists are not a subject of monitoring since the Arab world’s support of Palestine is totally usual and expected, unlike the western world. However, the Palestinian people’s existence and union are the most important aspects of them all.

It is noteworthy that the page is currently specified in 3 languages: Arabic, English and French. And will include more languages in the near future.


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