VIBES – Makamat Rantiss

Jerusalem24 – In an interview with Rajaa’ Rantissi, executive Director of Assalah Association. She tells us more about the very first prickly pear local market festival that was held in the village of Rantiss. With the help of Al Qattan foundation, and other young artists. They came up with the idea of creating a market festival in order to support locals whose existence is their resilience. After all, Rantiss; a very rich village of heritage that is being isolated and very economically neglected is facing a constant threat of the Israeli occupation as its very closed to the borders. Yet, Rantiss is very known for its cactus trees as its lands are full of them. As the name of the festival itself is genuinely related to its nature, since cactus is grown naturally in the land. Therefore, and for that reason, the festival’s main aim was to focus on bringing all the potentials of the village inhabitants to life as well as bringing awareness about the village and its situation. In addition, many activities are taking place in the festival as well, such as singing and circus shows.

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