VIBES – The Bethlehem Site-Specific Theater Festival

Jerusalem24 – In a Representation of Al Harah theater, the Bethlehem Site-Specific Theater Festival is happening in Bethlehem, to glorify and honor the city of Bethlehem. In an interview with the Vice director of al Harah theater, Nicola Zrieneh, He explains how exciting it was to actually go back to theaters after a year and half of lockdown, where performances and training were all held online. The directors of the theater festival were inspired by the sites and the buildings of old houses in Bethlehem. To tell the stories of the people who lived there and the places themselves. Yet, the festival includes 4 different performances; “Bulldozer”, “Al-Hosh”, “Dar 13”, and “The perfect Crime” that are directed by four Palestinian directors. The festival also includes other activities as well, such as storytelling evenings. In addition to another two productions “The Port” by Firas Abu Sabbah, and “It’s OK” by Al-Harah young actors. However, it should be noted that the festival program is aimed for adults too.

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