Wake Up Palestine – Renewing Democracy in Palestine

A group of Palestinian youth has took it upon themselves to work towards a new Democratic society in Palestine.

Jerusalem24 – Wake Up Palestine – The Palestinians are still reeling in from the killing of Nizar Banat, his killers are still walking scot free, no arrests have been made. Nothing has been done, despite the fact the government’s investigation committee into his murder has finished its investigation, nothing. The past few weeks have seen protests, clashes with the Palestinian Authorities’ security forces and Palestinian protesters. Calls for the resignation of Palestinian president Mahmoud abbas. Who can be the next Palestinian leadership?

Our guest today is the Executive Director of the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy. And previously worked as an international affairs advisor to Dr. Hanan Ashrawi at the PLO and the Palestine Investment Fund, and a member of the Democratic Renewal Generation group, Salem Barahmeh,

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