Wake Up Palestine – Crossing Flags.

A Palestinian tells what she sees when Israelis organize their Flag March

Jerusalem24 – Wake Up Palestine –  Jerusalem, the city of peace. In recent decades, it has rarely been peaceful. The Israeli flag march had a few hundred settlers that participated in it under the protection of 2500 Israeli police officers. The march was disastrous and even embarrassing compared to what it was supposed to be. Israel had to mobilize Iron Dome batteries, transfer flights away from its airports and had to negotiate with Hamas via Egypt to get this march underway. Several Palestinians were still injured as Israeli forces set up barricades, forcibly removed Palestinians from the Damascus Gate square and even attacked a Palestinian raising the Palestinian flag.

That day, the Palestinians of Jerusalem were not the only ones that were active. Palestinians in Umm alFahem and even in the Lydd also organized their own activities. Some were in support of their brethren in Jerusalem, others for issues like Musa Hassuna’s killing. In this episode of Wake Up Palestine Mohammad Hamayel discusses with activist Hala Marshoud about Palestinian activism in Jerusalem and Israel, as well as the flag march.

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