Wake Up Palestine- The Beitarian Militancy.

How a small town rose up against settlement expansion.

Jerusalem24 – The town of Beita, South of the Palestinian city of Nablus, has been witnessing daily protests in recent weeks when Israeli settlers constructed a settlement outpost. The outpost, which was built on the top of Mount Sabih, was named Avitar, had taken lands from the town of Beita. The people of Beita themselves, took it upon themselves to organize their own popular resistance committee in confronting the encroaching settlement activity.

Mohammad Hamayel discusses the situation of the Beitarian militancy with Dr. Amjad Abo Al Ezz, a local from Beita. How they started, what is the nature of their activities and what do they hope to achieve. You can listen to the entire interview below. You can read more about Beita’s popular resistance in Mona Hijjawi’s story: The Beitarian Militancy Situation.


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