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Adalah Center files complaint regarding detainee’s treatment in Israel

“Serious violations” of detainees in the Maskopiya center in Nazareth

Jerusalem24 – On Monday, the Adalah Center filed a complaint to the Attorney General and Mahash Police Investigation Department, confirming that “serious violations and brutal attacks were committed against demonstrators through excessive violence and severe beatings directed at the head and towards the face” in the “Al-Maskobiya” center in Nazareth. In addition to complaints regarding attacks committed by the Israeli police and settlers.

This came according to a statement issued by the center on Monday, in which it said, “The legal staff at Adalah Center documented the testimonies of detainees, lawyers, and paramedics, stating that violent attacks were carried out during brutal arrests against passers-by and demonstrators in Nazareth, by policemen and undercover policemen and taken to a narrow torture room, in which the detainees became For a whole night, lawyers were prevented from entering the Al-Maskobiya police station and preventing treatment for the injured.”

Adalah called for “the opening of an urgent investigation by Mahash against all policemen involved in these attacks and flagrant violations of the rights of detainees, and the removal of the officer of the Al-Maskobiya Center, named Elie Sarok, from his work, in addition to a comprehensive and in-depth investigation at the systematic level and drawing conclusions against all those responsible, with Their different sequences (with regard to) the flagrant violations mentioned in the complaint.”

The statement stated that a paramedic “described in his testimony the treatment of 6 injuries, 2 of them serious, as he saw the injured Shadi Banna, blood dripping from his head, and he appears tired and very tired to the point of fainting. The paramedic asked the police to transfer the injured to emergency treatment in the hospital, but his request was rejected and it was Transferring them only in the morning hours, amid a danger to their lives.”

The statement added: “The lawyers who testified described (confirmed) that the center was closed to them by the police, preventing them from entering for long hours, and they continued to wait outside the Maskobiya doors for days in order to enter and give counseling to the detainees, and one of the lawyers who arrived to provide counseling was attacked. After she was knocked down, the policeman told her: “Come close, b****.” Another lawyer who was with her was beaten and taken to detention. Adalah received the testimonies of other lawyers who were beaten and arrested. The lawyers also reported that several detainees were released without returning their personal belongings such as money, mobile phone and sunglasses, and about the investigation With minors without the presence of their parents or even informing them of the arrest.

He continued: “The detainees at the Al-Maskobiya Center received a series of attacks, abuse, and humiliation that amounted to torture, in addition to brutal violence and beatings. Several detainees arrived at the police station with injuries they received from undercover policemen who continued to beat and arrest them without identifying themselves. He passed by masked men who brutally and brutally beat a child, and stood to help him, not knowing that they were undercover from the police, so they assaulted him and took him to arrest.

The statement said that the detainees “arrived at the court with stitches in the head, swelling and scratches in the face, blue marks on the body, and traces of physical and psychological violence received by the detainees and lawyers, and appeared in their trial sessions, and documented in the ‘Protocol’ where the judge demanded that one of the files be transferred to ‘Mahash’.” … after she saw the visible signs of violence on the detainee.”

The statement quoted a testimony in the name of Fayez Zbeidat, who spoke about his harsh experience of arrest, saying: “The policemen ran and beat me all the way from Al-Ain Square (in Nazareth) to Al-Maskobiya and ordered me to look down even though I did not oppose my arrest. An officer laughed out loud and told them: ‘You just arrested this? It’s not enough. I want more’.

Zbeidat added, “They handcuffed my hands as soon as we arrived at the police station and transferred me to another policeman who took me into a small room where other detainees were present.

Lawyers Nariman Shehadeh-Zoubi and Wissam al-Sharaf said in the complaint that, in the “torture room on the left side of the entrance to the Al-Maskobiya center, police officers forced the detainees to sit on the ground with their hands and feet tied, and they were sitting on the ground with the head facing down, severely beating them all over their bodies and kicking them.” With legs and sticks… and (hit) their heads against the walls and the door, which led to severe injuries to the detainees.”

They added, according to the statement, that “those who risked (among the detainees) to raise their head up, received more beatings that continued until the entire floor of the room was filled with blood, and some detainees were also obligated to sign a house arrest for (5) days in exchange for receiving treatment and without consulting a lawyer.”

Mohammad Hamayel

Ramallah based journalist, Mohammad graduated from Al-Quds University with a B.A. in Media and Television. He has covered the 2015 Jerusalem Intifada as well as the Great March of Return for international media outlets. currently an editor/presenter at Jerusalem24. A UN alumni and a follower of global events and politics, especially American affairs.

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