Ban on Israeli “Tnuva” products

The ban is a result of the company not complying with Palestinian standards

Jerusalem24 – Today, Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy decided to prohibit the entry of the products of the Israeli “Tnuva” dairy company into the Palestinian market, due to its non-compliance with the mandatory Palestinian technical standards, especially the label and validity periods.

The ministry stated in a press release that it had previously notified the company to correct its legal status in accordance with the mandatory Palestinian technical instructions, and the legal deadline expired the day before yesterday without the company taking the required procedures, and accordingly the ban decision was taken until the company adheres to the mandatory technical procedures.

The ministry stressed that any products that do not comply with the specifications and mandatory technical instructions will be prevented from entering the Palestinian market, pointing out that there are 4,400 Palestinian standards covering various economic sectors, about 88 mandatory technical education and more than 2,500 certificates of conformity, quality, supervision and halal certificates for Palestinian companies.

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