Israeli forces arrested 20 Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Israeli forces also delivered to subpoenas to the to report for interrogation. 

Jerusalem24 – Today, Monday, Israeli forces arrested 20 citizens of occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the Israeli forces raided a number of citizens’ homes in different parts of Jerusalem, and arrested: Moaz Waheed Al-Bakri, Ibrahim Abu Sneina, Faris Raafat Dari, Uday Dari, Ahmed Yunus Al-Ghoul, Wadih Hashima, and Muhammad Hoshiyeh. Mahmoud Al-Shawish, Orabi Sadiq Ghaith, Khaled Shweiki, Nasr Khader Abu Khdeir, Adam Khader Abu Khdeir, Mahmoud Mansour Abu Khdeir, Ahmed Hassan Abu Khudair, Wahid Al-Bakri, Muhammad Al-Zaghal and Ihab Iskafi, while the identities of the other three were not known.

Israeli forces also delivered to subpoenas to the citizens Muhammad Ali al-Ghoul and Malik Asila; to report to the Israeli intelligence for interrogation.

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