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Sport is resistance too!

Sports in Solidarity.

Sani Sakakini to Jerusalem24: “Representing Palestine was always hard to do and I try in every way to show the best about the Palestinian people all the time. As a basketball player, I have a role as a Palestinian in these events. I must help my country in every way possible and highlight the Palestinian narrative more.”
“I have great relations with many worldwide players whom I reached and didn’t hesitate to send the videos. All players participating in this video were excited and supportive and sent their part very quickly”. He added, “if I had more time, I would have contacted more players and let the world speak for Palestine. I promise to make a longer one as soon as possible”.
“Making this video is only part of what we should do to deliver our message and show the world what’s happening now here in Palestine. Everything helps. Sports is resistance too. Through sports we can raise our voice”.

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