How does it feel to lose your place?

Art for Solidarity - emotional short film explains in 90 seconds the Palestinians’ relation with their place.

Jerusalem24 – Riham Abu Aita – In 90 seconds, Omar Rammal’s “The Place” – a short film tells the whole story: Daily memories and dreams for Palestinian families in their house, the risk of it stolen by Israeli settlers and how it feels to lose your place.

“I am a Palestinian filmmaker, I wanted to portray what’s happening in Sheik Jarrah and Palestine in a way that would resonate with everyone watching. It came from my heart as a filmmaker,” says Omar Rammal about his motivation to produce The Place. He adds, “I didn’t expect my short film to go viral, but I truly believe that documenting the humanitarian crisis is crucial and necessary.”

“I am really happy and grateful for this opportunity.”

The film ends with the following final words (translated from Arabic): The place is who we are. The place is our existence. Our memories and future. The Nakba should stop now.


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