Israel arrests a young man and detains another during clashes in Jenin

Clashes were ongoing around Jenin and its villages at the time.

Jerusalem24 – Today, Monday, the Israeli forces arrested a young man, and another was detained during clashes near Jalameh checkpoint, north of Jenin.

The director of the prisoner club in Jenin, Montasser Samour, told the Palestinian official agency “Wafa” that the Israeli forces arrested the young man, Abd al-Latif Shaker al-Saadi, during the clashes that broke out near the aforementioned checkpoint, after the suppression of a march condemning the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

Those forces also detained a young man, Nadim Bassam Sharqawi, at the aforementioned checkpoint, and interrogated him for hours, before releasing him.

In related events, clashes broke out between the youths and the Israeli forces in the village of Al-Arqa, during which they fired a barrage of flash bangs and tear gas canisters, but no injuries were reported.

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