Israeli warplanes launched more than 100 strikes north and west of Gaza

The current escalation has entered its 8th day

Last night, the Israeli warplanes launched violent raids targeting several homes, buildings, sites and roads along the western region of Gaza City from north to south.

The occupation aircraft launched more than 100 strikes on several areas, focusing on the western area of ​​the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

The bombing targeted the Ansar complex, locations near the Al-Maqousi towers, a 4-storey house near Al-Shifa Hospital, another building, and main and secondary roads in the neighborhoods of Al-Rimal, Tal Al-Hawa, Sheikh Ajlin, and the western region of Al-Zaytoun neighborhood.

A large number of citizens, including women and children, were injured. First responders reported difficulty in access and movement to transport the wounded, as the Israeli warplanes destroyed the main roads leading to hospitals.

The bombing also caused severe damage to the transmission lines of electricity from the power station towards Gaza City, which led to power cuts to large areas of the strip.

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