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The right ways to spread the Palestinian narrative on social media

The CEO of SMEX, Muhammad Nejm : "Social media platforms remove all content supporting the Palestinian people because it adopts the Israeli narrative."

Jerusalem24 – Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media – 7amleh – Nadim Al-Nashif talks to VIBES program  with Mai Abu Assab, about the methods that help the widespread and effective spread of our stories and our case on social media. “In light of the escalation of the Israeli aggression against Palestinians all over Palestine, and in light of the increasing influence of social media platforms on global public opinion, it is imperative to unite scattered efforts to improve our performance on social media platforms, taking into account our digital safety and our high morale.” Al-Nashif says.

Al-Nashif  also confirms that focusing on the stories of the Palestinians killed and the details of their lives is one of the most important ways to spread our cause in a way that includes sympathy from all over the world, rather than publishing their pictures after death, for example, which are materials that not everyone can see, and social networking sites do not allow them to be shown until after approval.

Regarding the hashtags, Al-Nashif emphasized that copying and pasting several hashtags on comments repeatedly does not help in anything, as the “smart machine” on social media monitors your repetition of the same words and prevents you from commenting for a certain period, it’s better to focus on two or three hashtags only . “we can also use trending hashtags even unrelated ones to draw the world’s attention to our messages.”

he also added that the Israeli incitement on social media exists in a frightening way, organized by groups of settlers, such as what happened in Haifa, Lod and Jaffa. “In our Center, we try to monitor and document Israeli incitement and file complaints against it, and at the same time we appeal to anyone who has a problem on the sites due to publishing certain content.  Last week we recovered hundreds of accounts that were closed. ”

Al-Nashif assures that the Palestinian digital presence is the most important thing at the present time. We don’t want to scare people but we have to get our accounts secured. ”

The CEO of the SMEX organization, which specializes in digital rights and freedoms in the Arab world, Muhammad Nejm, on VIBES with Mai Abu Assab about the policies of social media platforms.

Nejm believes that “the problem with social media platforms is that all content supporting the Palestinian people is removed because it adopts the Israeli narrative. As artificial intelligence and algorithms delete the content automatically before anyone sees it.”

Nejm pointed out that the policies of these companies adopt the narrative of the Israeli occupation, so they must be pressured to change it and circulate the correct story. Adding, “there are some tricks that can be used such as intertwining some symbols or leaving spaces between the letters of the word”.

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