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Kan channel: The cabinet meets at noon today, and Israel continues to reject the truce

Israel rejects all international pressure to ceasefire wanting additional time to hit more targets of Hamas.

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Kan” announced, this Sunday morning, that the Ministerial Council for Political and Security Affairs, “The Cabinet”, will meet before noon today.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, “Kan,” quoted sources saying that Israel continues to refuse to discuss a ceasefire with the Gaza Strip.

It added that its sources learned that the political leadership is preparing for several more days of fighting, noting that international pressure has begun to be exerted on Israel to reach a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources said that these pressures come from Egypt , other countries and international parties, but Israel rejects,  wanting additional time to hit more targets, while Hamas says the ball is in the Israeli court, according to Kan.

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