Two Palestinians killed in West Bank Clashes

Scores of others wounded by live ammunition

Jerusalem24 –  In a report, The Ministry of Health revealed the final outcome of the numbers of casualties in the clashes with the Israeli forces yesterday, Saturday.

The report detailed that there was a Palestinian who was killed near the alFawwar refugee camp, near Hebron, as well as 27 wounded by live ammunition; including a serious injury to the chest. There was also a moderate injury due to live ammunition near the Palestinian town of Yatta. Meanwhile, in Ramallah, 10 Palestinians were injured with live ammunition; 3 of whom are in critical condition. Two more injuries from rubber-coated steel bullets were also documented at the Palestine Medical Complex.

While in Qalqilya, 19 Palestinians were injured with live ammunition, one was in critical condition. 3 others were also admitted into medical care due to injuries from rubber-coated steel bullets. Another Palestinian was killed in Tulkarem, while 8 others suffered injuries caused by live ammunition; and one more who suffocated due to tear gas inhalation.

In Jenin 6 Palestinians were injured by live ammunition, with one person in critically wounded. Nablus witnessed 18 people injured by live ammunition, two were reported to be critical condition. One Palestinian  was shot in the chest with live ammunition and is seriously injured. Finally, in Bethlehem, two people were shot with live ammunition while two others suffocated from tear gas fired by the Israeli military forces.

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