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Israel is under the most extensive bombardment since its establishment

The Israeli Army Radio: "The residents of Israel spent their night in the shelters, on an unusual night during which the warning sirens did not stop".

Jerusalem24 – Israel was exposed, at dawn on Wednesday, to the widest wave of missiles since its establishment, on Tel Aviv, Lod and Beersheba, with at least 350 rockets, leaving one dead and a number of injuries as a result of the direct fall of missiles on buildings in the targeted cities.

The bombing, which came in response to the continued bombing of the towers in Gaza – resulted in the killing of two Israelis (a father and daughter) after a missile fell on their car in Lod, bringing the number of Israelis killed since the beginning of the last confrontation to five.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli was seriously injured when he fell while rushing to reach one of the public shelters, after warning sirens were heard in the city.

In the “Yehud” area, east of Tel Aviv, a missile destroyed a house, but there were no casualties as a result of the presence of its residents in shelters.


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