European Consulate Generals visit the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

The European delegates: What is happening is illegal and only increases tensions

Jerusalem24 – A number of European consuls visited today, on Tuesday, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and other areas in the city of Jerusalem. The visits came after protests broke out all over Israel, the West Bank and Jerusalem yesterday. The protests came as families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are being threatened to be evicted from their homes.

The Europeans, during the visit, stated that what is happening “raises serious concern.” They also added that what is happening is considered “illegal under international humanitarian law, and will only lead to fueling tension on the ground.”

According to the delegation, their visit was to learn more about the conditions of the Palestinian families threatened with eviction, and they called on the Israeli authorities to act urgently to calm the current tension in Jerusalem, avoid provocative measures around the alAqsa Mosque and respect the status quo.

The consuls listened to a detailed explanation from the residents of the neighborhood about Israel’s policies there, in addition to harassments and assaults they are exposed to by settlers and the Israeli police.

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