Israeli Security Agency uses telecom technology, sends threats of arrest

The Palestinians share the message on social media

Jerusalem24 – Palestinians living in Jerusalem woke up today, Tuesday, to SMS messages on their phones. The message comes after the largest day of protests. Clashes occurred all over Israel, the West Bank and all over the city of Jerusalem.

The message reads as:

“Hello! You have been diagnosed as someone who participated in the violence at the alAqsa Mosque. We will hold you accountable. Israeli Intelligence.”

The violence referred to in the message was related to recent protests and vigils in Jerusalem regarding the case of Sheikh Jarrah. Over 500 Palestinians are threatened to leave the homes that they were living in for decades since the 1950s in the Jerusalemite neighborhood.

A screenshot of the message being sent to Palestinians.

Palestinians shared the SMS message across social media platforms, Facebook included. With some Palestinians warning each other, and others joking about it. One user stated that he received the message for simply living around the Old City.

The message, which was sent by the Israeli Security Agency, better known by the acronym Shabbak or Shin Bet; was shared by Palestinians across social media. Many Palestinians joked about it, while others gave warnings. One social media user claimed he received the message despite not even being at the alAqsa Mosque Compound.


Mohammad Hamayel

Ramallah based journalist, Mohammad graduated from Al-Quds University with a B.A. in Media and Television. He has covered the 2015 Jerusalem Intifada as well as the Great March of Return for international media outlets. currently an editor/presenter at Jerusalem24. A UN alumni and a follower of global events and politics, especially American affairs.

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