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Former Israeli minister describes Netanyahu as a Dictator

Shaked: "he has a lust for power and authority"

Jerusalem24 – A former minister in the Israeli occupation government described the occupation prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as “a dictator driven by a lust for power and power.”

In an audio leak that was published by Israeli Channel 12, former Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked said, “Netanyahu wants to continue and stay in power. He has a lust for power and authority, he and his wife, they are like dictators and tyrants.”

“The most important thing for him (Netanyahu) now is the trial, all his considerations and actions revolve around the trial, he must go,” she added in the leaked clip during her conversation with a person whose identity was not known.

And it considered that “Netanyahu is afraid that he will finally decide to request a pardon from the court or a plea bargain (an agreement whereby the public prosecutor submits a waiver to the defendant in exchange for his plea of guilt).”

She also pointed out that “negotiations are taking place between (leader of the right-wing Naftali party) Bennett and Netanyahu to form a government by rotation, with the former assuming its presidency for a year and a half, while the latter will carry out the task for two and a half years.”

The leak comes one day before the end of the deadline given to Netanyahu to form a government, amid the latter’s reliance on the “Yemina” party to join it and form a government in turn.

Netanyahu’s trial began on May 24, 2009, on charges of breach of trust, fraud and bribery in 3 corruption cases.

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