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Israeli forces storm several villages, close roads

Israeli military clashes with Palestinian youth

Last night, on Monday, a large number of Israeli forces stormed the Palestinian village of Aqraba. The Israeli forces came to the village searching for an attacker who committed a drive-by shooting on Sunday near the Za’atara checkpoint South of Nablus.

Earlier in the afternoon, Israeli forces attempted to storm the village in an attempt to secure a vehicle alleged to be the one used in the shooting. However, Palestinian youth in the village had set it on fire and kept the soldiers from reaching it. However, in the evening a larger force of Israeli troops arrived and extracted the vehicle using a bulldozer amid clashes with the village youth.

Israeli forces also stormed the Palestinian village of Turmusaya, North of Ramallah, and arrested one Palestinian man and his son. They had also stormed many houses in the village, with eye witness accounts reporting that the soldiers extensively used tear gas canisters and flash bangs against civilians. No injuries were reported.

Roads were closed by the Israeli military with a heavy presence of settlers near Hawarrah and Za’atara. They were reopened when the Israeli forces ceased their operation and withdrew from the area.

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