Palestinian residents prevent settlers from opening a new road

The road was to give access to a settlement outpost constructed there two years ago

Jerusalem24 –¬†Palestinians in the West Bank village of Nilin prevented today in forcing out Israeli settlers who came to their lands to level it in order to open a road for the settlers, according to the activist Murad Amira.

He told the Palestinian official news agency WAFA that the settlers, protected by soldiers, came to an area in the North of the village in order to continue work they started two days ago to open a 2-kilometer long road for the settlers.

Village residents confronted them and were able to remove the settlers out of the land, said Amira, adding that the settlers want to seize thousands of dunums of land from Nilin and nearby Deir Qadis villages to build a settlement outpost after setting up tents and mobile homes in that area two years ago.

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