Jordan rushing to the aid of Sheikh Jarrah

A Jordanian official visits Ramallah after confirming lease contracts in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Jerusalem24 – The residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem are still combating the Israeli occupation orders of evacuation. Hoping to prove their lease of contracts from the year 1956, the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister is expected to visit Ramallah today in an attempt to confirm the lease contracts for the homes in Sheikh Jarrah in Occupied Jerusalem.

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserts, that for the past years accurate and long search processes in the Records of the Jordanian official departments of documents were conducted. These searches revealed that the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and Development at that time actually created lease contracts with residents of Sheikh Jarrah in 1956.

The Ministry clarified via the official spokesman, Ambassador Dhaif Allah Al-Fayez, that upon requests from the Palestinians in 2019 and 2021 the Palestinian Embassy in Jordan was handed certified copies of all documents found. This included lease contracts, correspondences, records, lists of tenants in addition to a certified copy of the agreement between the Ministry of Construction and Development and UNRWA in 1954. The search process will continue for documents dating back to more than sixty years.

Al-Fayez indicated that The Kingdom of Jordan is exerting efforts in supporting the Palestinian people in preserving their homes, land and rights; which are permanent constants to The Kingdom of Jordan. Stressing the kingdom’s absolute condemnation of Israel’s illegal and inhuman attempts to expel the Palestinians from their homes and lands, and its refusal to violate their rights.


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