Anti-Arab attacks in Jerusalem

Meanwhile, dozens wandered around Jerusalem's center chanting “Death to Arabs”

Jerusalem24 – Haaretz reported that, the Israeli police arrested six suspects in  anti-Arab attacks on passersby in downtown Jerusalem, last night Tuesday.

According to witnesses, the suspects were walking around the city center asking people questions and trying to find out if those who answered had an Arabic accent. The suspects then attacked those who were presumed Arabs.

Moreover, dozens wandered around Jerusalem’s center chanting “Death to Arabs” throughout the night.

Yuval Avraham, who was in a pub when a group of 60 people went by shouting anti-Arab slogans, said that “they were looking for Arabs” and that after someone alerted the group that ‘there’s an Arab there,’” the group chased them. Avarham also recalled hearing a woman who was part of the group that said “they caught eight Arabs and were proud that they ‘almost killed one of them,’” as well as another person who said that they “hit an Arab in the head with rocks.”

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