Israel bans press conference for Palestinian candidates in Jerusalem

Israeli police also detained three of the candidates

Jerusalem24 – Yesterday, Saturday, Israeli occupation forces banned a candidates running for the upcoming Palestinian Legislative Council elections from holding a press conference in Jerusalem, and detained three of them.

The candidates were scheduled to hold a press conference at St George Hotel Jerusalem to affirm the right of the Palestinians in the Jerusalem to cast their votes in the upcoming elections and the mechanisms needed to do so.

Israeli police detained three of the candidates: Ashraf A’war, Nasser Qous, and Ratiba Natsha.

The Israeli forces also cordoned off the vicinity of the hotel and checked the identity cards of passers-by and people who were scheduled to attend the conference.

According to local sources, Israeli intelligence informed the management of St. George Hotel Jerusalem that any activity belonging to the Palestinian Authority is banned, and handed them a decision from the Israeli Minister of Public Security which bans any PA-related activity there.

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