The Zionist National Fund approve the decision to purchase lands in the West Bank

How private Israeli organizations contribute to Israel's control of the territories

Jerusalem24 – Some Zionist organizations intend to buy parts of the West Bank lands, especially since this approach has been discussed repeatedly, but this time these organizations intend to buy lands in the governorates of Jenin and Nablus.

According to Khalil Tafakji, an expert on settlement issues, these organizations do not buy lands for the benefit of the State of Israel, but for the benefit of a Jewish endowment. This institution buys, sells and/or exploits lands, and has already purchased lands in Syria, Jordan and within historic Palestine and registered them in the name of the “Jewish National Fund” or in the name of the Jewish people. It does not enter state property, it buys private land and then transfers it to Israelis.

The seriousness of the issue lies in the fact that the lands that fall under the occupation authority are now transferred directly in the name of the new Palestinian state, but these lands will remain in the name of the Jewish people and the Jewish National Fund for a while, and this is what happened in the case of Atarot airport. The Jewish National Fund also owns the Dead Sea region, and 20 thousand Acres of Al-Salt lands that were purchased by the Jewish National Fund from the Jordanian government and whatever the political agreement is, it cannot be disposed of completely.

This comes in light of the significant increase in the number of settlers since 2020, which has reached 222%. The sale and seizure of lands and homes in Jerusalem, and settlement expansion in several areas, which is considered a very dangerous indicator, as settlement and Zionist organizations precede the Israeli government in controlling and expanding.

Tafakji emphasized that this is not a new issue, and that the justifications for the Israeli side for what it is doing in terms of increasing the settlements, expanding the streets, e.t.c. is the absence of a Palestinian state. As for the issue of Jerusalem, it is another issue, as they seek to seize homes, and it is a clear Israeli policy that whoever is king of Jerusalem is king of the world. Jerusalem is indivisible and is the capital of one state.

As for Silwan, it is an already-made liquidation process through diversion and sale before any political agreement, and it cannot be recovered even under any circumstances. Khalil Tafakji indicated that Silwan is a sacred basin for the Israeli side and part of the City of David, and this is what started since 1991. The Holy Basin, which contains archaeological and historical areas of interest to them, whose area does not exceed 6 km, and with an Arab minority not exceeding 12%.

Speaking about the establishment of a national fund to protect Jerusalem from seizure, Tafakji said that Jerusalem suffers from the lack of social, cultural and educational institutions. The lack of support compared to the Israeli support for Jerusalem and the lack of a complete integrated political, social and economic leadership, and he drew attention to the need for unified references that are not mutually exclusive.

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