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Three prisoners continue their open hunger strike

Three prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons are continuing their open hunger strike: Imad Sawarka, Saed Abu Obaid, and Ayad Al Harimi.

Jerusalem24 – The Prisoner Club stated in a press release today, Sunday, that the prisoner Swarka (37 years) from Jericho has been on hunger strike for 25 days, Abu Ubaid (41 years) from Jenin for seven days, refusing their administrative detention, as the prisoner Ayad Al-Harimi continues ( 28 years old), from Bethlehem, his hunger strike for 6 days, refusing his arrest.

adding that the prisoner Swarka is in “Ashkelon” prison, and he was recently transferred from the “Negev” prison, Abu Obeid in the “Negev” prison, while the prisoner Al-Harimi is in “Ofer” prison.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Swarka was arrested in July of last year, and the occupation intelligence issued three administrative detention orders, each lasting for four months, and he is a former prisoner who spent a total of ten years in the occupation prisons, and he is married and a father of five children.

The prisoner Abu Obeid was arrested in November of the previous year, and he was sentenced to an actual imprisonment of four and a half months, and after the end of his sentence, he was transferred to administrative detention, and he began a strike, knowing that he was a former prisoner who spent nearly (12) years in prisons.

The prisoner, Ayad Al-Harimi, from Bethlehem, was re-arrested by the occupation on April 6, less than two months after his release, and he is a former prisoner who spent years in the occupation’s prisons, and in 2016 he went on a hunger strike that lasted for 45 days.

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