Bethlehem declared as Arab Capital of Culture

The declaration was made by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas

Jerusalem24 – Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, inaugurated the activities for “Bethlehem as the Arab Capital of Culture.” An initiative taken by the Arab League under the UNESCO Cultural Capitals Program to promote and celebrate Arab culture and encourage cooperation in the Arab region.

In a televised statement celebrating the occasion, President Abbas affirmed that “the Palestinian people are continuing their national struggle to achieve justice, dignity, freedom and the embodiment of our independent state on the land of our ancestors.”

“We will remain steadfast in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and all of Palestine until the occupation ends, and until freedom, hope and peace are achieved and the sun of the independent State of Palestine rises upon its eternal capital, East Jerusalem,” he added.

Abbas also congratulated the Arab and Islamic worlds on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan and the Easter.

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