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PA eases lockdown measures during Ramadan, keeps night curfew

These procedures were taken as Ramadan approaches

Jerusalem24 – The Palestinian Authority announced yesterday, Saturday, a partial easing of the lockdown measures taken during the COVID-19 outbreak for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. The decision is as follows:

Students from grades 1 through 6 at all government, private and UNRWA-run schools are to return to their classrooms as of April 11, 2021, while maintaining strict health precautions.

Kindergartens and nurseries should be working as usual, while maintaining strict health precautions, and workers will be inoculated in an age-based gradual rollout plan.

Universities and institutes will be shifting to distance e-learning methods, with the exception of fresh students, postgraduate students, students of clinical and laboratory-based majors.

Movement of individuals and vehicles is banned everyday from 8p.m. to 6 a.m.

A weekly full lockdown will be imposed on Fridays, with the exception of pharmacies and bakeries.

Commercial stores and transportation are allowed to work on Saturdays, while maintaining strict health precautions.

A full lockdown of any village, city, province or refugee camp where there is a spike in COVID-19 infections.

Weddings, parties, festivals, morning houses, and any other forms of public gathering are prohibited.

The weekly Friday prayer will be held in public squares, while the daily Tarawih prayers of Ramadan will be held in mosques, as per the protocols of the Ministry of Awkaf and Religious Affairs.

Ministers and heads of government agencies are asked to arrange the working schedule of their employees and at a maximum human capacity of 50 percent.

Private and productive sectors should be working at an emergency pace and with a maximum capacity of 50 percent of their employees.

Shops and stores, barbers and beauty salons, and health clubs should be working at a maximum capacity of 50 percent.

Restaurants are strictly prohibited from organizing group breakfasts that cause crowding, and any restaurant that violates this will be subject to closure.

Banks will be operating at a capacity of 50 percent according to instructions of the Palestine Monetary Authority.

Hospitals and private health centers must admit any patient of COVID-19 referred to them by the Ministry of Health.

Excluded from the procedures stipulated in this resolution are municipal and emergency services, the movement of agricultural, food, medical and health supplies, as well as the staff of Ministry of Education staff, bakeries and pharmacies.

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