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Lapid announces the form of the government he is trying to form

He made the announcement via social media

Jerusalem24 – Yair Lapid, head of the Israeli  Yesh Atid party, for his regret towards the granting of current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu the task of forming the next government.

Lapid wrote via his social media account on Face Book that the government he wished to form should Netanyahu fail is a National Consensus Government. No one will get what they want, however, there will be a balance that forces us to focus on practical goals.

Lapid also pointed out that there will be clear right wing parties, as well as moderate right wing parties and two from the left.

The head of the Yesh Atid party wrote that “The first phase did not work in our favor. Netanyahu received the first mandate, but that does not mean we should stop working. Israel is an injured country. Our job is to do something to change that, and reject the continuing rift between the left and the right.

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