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Israeli forces arrest 8 Palestinians

The arrests took place in Ras Karkar and Deir Jarir

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli occupation forces arrested 7 citizens of Ras Karkar village, West of Ramallah, and an eighth from Deir Jarir village, east of it, at dawn today.

Local sources reported that the Israeli forces raided several houses in the village and arrested Abdullah Muhammad Fuad Samhan, Ahmed Zaghloul Mustafa Samhan, Muayad Faris Mustafa Samhan, Nidal Hassan Mustafa Samhan, Anas Muhammad Yusef Samhan, Mahmoud Khaled Mustafa Samhan, and Muhammad Taha Hassan Abu Fakhida .

The Israeli military also arrested Haider Makho, Director General of the Friends of Down Syndrome Foundation, after raiding his house in the village of Deir Jarir, East of Ramallah.

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