Palestinian shot northwest of Jerusalem

His wife was also injured

Jerusalem24 – A Palestinian was killed and his wife was injured at dawn today, Tuesday, after the car they were traveling in was shot at near Bir Nabala village, northwest of Jerusalem.

A statement from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, confirmed that a citizen was shot with live ammunition in the head. His wife was also shot with a live bullet in the back. She was taken to the Ramallah Medical Complex and her condition was described as stable.

Local sources said the that victim is Usama Sidqi Mansour, 42 years old from the village of Bedou northwest of Jerusalem.

Eyewitness reports say that Israeli forces threw a flashbang beneath the car Mansour and his wife were in at around 3:30 AM. Mansour then moved the car away from the soldiers, whom responded by opening fire at them on the Bir Nabala – alJeeb road.

Clashes had erupted in Bir Nabala as well as the Jeeb, northwest of Jerusalem after Israeli forces stormed the area with several armored vehicles.

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