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Baladna opens a youth center in Nazareth’s Old City

The youth center aims to build the capacities of Arab youth in the city.

Jerusalem24 – In 2020, the Baladna Youth Center set out to establish a space for youth in the city of Nazareth. The aim of the space was to advance the youth and community in the city.

Over the course of the year, Baladna has succeeded in achieving this objective. Transforming a derelict building in the Old City into a warm and welcoming community space. The two-floor building is now equipped with spaces for workshops; a stage for lectures, movie showings and concerts, as well as a gallery for art exhibitions, a cafe’, a library and quiet spaces for reading and studying.

In addition to developing the physical space, Baladna worked with nine youth activists to form the center’s organizational structure, identify its values, objectives, target groups and plan its activities.

Through this process, the youth activists and Baladna’s staff built three main programs for the center, including an art and culture program, a community development program and an education program.

An event to celebrate the center’s official opening will take place on Friday, April 9th.


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