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Land Day, 46 years of resilience

Palestinians mark today the 45th anniversary of Land Day with rallies and marches planned in several Arab towns within the Green Line.

Jerusalem24 – The 30th of March, marks the forty-sixth anniversary of the “Land Day”, which came after the Arab upheaval within the Green Line against land seizure, uprooting, and Judaization pursued by Israel, which is now a historical memory called “Land Day.”

The events of this day go back to the year 1976, after the occupation authorities seized thousands of dunams of Palestinian lands within the lands already seized in 1948, a general strike took place, marches from the Galilee to the Negev broke out, and clashes that resulted in the death of six Palestinians, and the injury and arrest of hundreds.

On this day, the cities and villages of Galilee and the Triangle went on a general strike, and the Israeli authorities tried to break the strike by force, which led to a clash between the citizens and the Israeli forces, the fiercest of which were in the villages of Sakhnin, Araba and Deir Hanna.

The Israeli response was severely militarily to the “Land Day” upheaval, as it was the first time after the occupation of the Palestinian land in 1948, the Israeli army forces supported by tanks and armored vehicles entered the Palestinian villages and reoccupied them, inflicting martyrs and wounded among the ranks of civilians, as 6 people were killed, 4 of whom were killed by army bullets, and two by police bullets.

Raja Abu Rayya, Khidr Khalayleh, and Khadija Shawahna from Sakhnin, Khayr Yassin from Arrabeh, Muhsin Taha was killed in Kafr Kanna and Ra’fat Zuheiri from the Nur Shams refugee camp was killed in the clashes in al-Taybeh.

Despite the passage of 46 years since this day, the Palestinians of the 48 lands, whose number became more than 1.3 million people, after they were only 150 thousand people in 1948, did not get tired of the commemoration of “Land Day”, which they unanimously say is the most prominent day of their struggle, and a historical turning point in the march of their survival and identity since the Nakba of 1948, an affirmation of their attachment to their homeland and their land.

Palestinians mark today the 46th anniversary of Land Day with rallies and marches planned in several Arab towns inside ‘Israel’, mainly in the towns where Israeli police shot and killed six Palestinian citizens and injured many others who were protesting Israeli government appropriation of thousands of dunums of their lands.

People will visit graves of their sons killed by the police and march through the towns, with the central rally planned in the town of Arrabeh.

Land Day is marked every year by Palestinians since March 30, 1976, in remembrance of those who fell while defending their lands from being illegally seized by the Israeli government noting that according to PCBS, Israel, since 1948, laid hand over more than 85% of the total area of the lands of historical Palestine.



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