The suppression of a Mother’s Day event in the Women’s Center in Al-Tur

The suppression of a Mother’s Day event and the arrest of the director of the Women’s Center in Al-Tur.

Jerusalem24 – Today, Sunday afternoon, the occupation authorities suppressed an event for Mother’s Day, under the pretext of “it was organized by the Palestinian Authority”, in the town of Al-Tur, in Jerusalem.

The intelligence, accompanied by police officers, stormed the Lutheran stadium – the Mount of Olives stadium – in Jerusalem, in conjunction with arranging and preparing for the launch of the Mother’s Day Exhibition and Bazaar, organized by the Women’s Center in the town, and arrested the director of the center, Ikhlas Al-Sayyad, and forced the women and young men to leave out of the place.

Meanwhile, they severely beat young Khaled al-Maghribi then arrested him.

The occupation intelligence, before leaving the stadium, suspended the ban decision signed by the Minister of Internal Security in the occupation government, and warned against organizing the event anywhere in the city.

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