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‘Tishreen’ Association inaugurated the first-ever Triangle Film Festival

A cinema that discusses women's issues under the Israeli occupation.

Jerusalem24 – In an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and energy, Tishreen Association inaugurated yesterday the Triangle Film Festival – a cinema that discusses women’s issues – which will extend until 5/7/2021 in an alternative space.
The opening began with an opening speech from the Director General, Mrs. Ranad Musleh Jebara, who indicated: “The festival comes in our belief in the important role that cinema plays in raising societal awareness and creating change for the better, despite the difficult health, political and financing conditions that constitute a serious challenge before us, especially in light of the political crisis imposed on Palestinians inside ‘Israel’ , but we succeeded in launching the first-ever Triangle Film Festival. We look forward to continuing with this festival and developing its program in the coming years, and even attracting a large number of international, Arab and local filmmakers. ”

The opening took place with the screening of the movie ” The Bride’s Dress”, directed by Mrs. Marwa Jabara Tibi, who’s also director of Zainab Art Production Company.
The movie “The Bride’s Dress” depicts how wedding rituals are carried out under the Israeli occupation, of a bride from Nazareth and her groom from Hebron. Immediately after the film, Rosalyn Hosry, coordinator of the cultural program at Tishreen Association, led the discussion with the director of the film and opened a dialogue between the director and the audience. Marwa referred to the working conditions of the film crew, the difficulties and challenges during their filming.

At the end of the meeting, she pointed out: “The film was shown in huge Arab festivals and won the award for creativity in directing at the Festival of the Radio and Television Authority held in Tunisia, but the most important victory for me is the admiration of my beloved people of  ‘Taybeh’ and the kind audience, the shining eyes of young women, and the interventions and the deep questions of a generation that reassures that the country is fine. ”

The attendees, who came from different parts of the country, expressed their happiness and pride in the presence of these energies and creative artistic production, which can reflect the story of our people through a story of a wedding and great joy that challenges all barriers and breaks restrictions.
It is worth noting that the festival includes a constellation of eleven films from Palestinian, Arab, and international films. These films shed light on topics related to violations and the political and social violence practiced against Palestinian women because of the occupation and because of male domination, as these dilemmas and difficulties are rarely tackled.

Next week, the film 200 meters will be screened on Thursday 1/4/2021, in addition to the screening of Mussolini’s Sister on Friday 2/4/2021.

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