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Results will not be released before next Friday, and the vote rate is 25% so far

The voting process began in the Knesset elections today, which are taking place for the fourth time within two years.

Jerusalem24 – The Director-General of the Central Elections Commission, Orly Ades, said that the vote count in the Knesset elections that take place today, Tuesday, will start on Wednesday, and therefore the results are not expected before next Friday.

She said that as of 12 o’clock vote rate reached 25%. This is an increase of 0.3 percent compared to the previous election campaign.

In an interview with the Yediot Aharonot website, Adas added, “We conduct very careful monitoring of the results, scrutinize unfamiliar matters, and check statistics. All these matters take time, and therefore the results will be slowly pumped out overnight.”

And she continued, “I hope that until the morning hours we will be able to see about 70% of the results in all the regular ballot boxes. The rest of the results will be pumped out during the morning.”
She pointed out that “with regard to the double envelopes, they will be counted, and it will be subjected to a complex vetting process before being counted in the Knesset. This sorting will start on Wednesday night only. Therefore, we do not expect results before Friday.” And she said that the number of votes in the double envelopes ranges between 500,000 and 600,000 votes.

The voting process of the Knesset elections began today, which is taking place for the fourth time within two years, at seven in the morning, noting that a number of ballot boxes did not open their doors due to various obstacles, but voting is expected to start in the coming hours. Especially the opening of a section of ballot boxes designated for citizens who are quarantined due to the Corona pandemic.

The number of voters is 6,578,084 voters, who will vote in 13,685 ballot boxes, including 751 boxes for Corona patients and those in quarantine. There are more than 600 bus lines between cities that citizens can travel in for free, and travel on all train lines is free of charge.

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