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Dr. Kamal Al-Shakhra : The vaccination process proceeds gradually without any problems

Dr. Kamal Al-Shakhra also said that whoever needs the vaccine to visit the prisoners can go immediately to get it.

Jerusalem24 – The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Kamal Al-Shakhra, said in his interview with Radio 24FM that the vaccination process is gradually going on without any problems in health centers, and that the elderly will be contacted by phone to attend so that no crowding occurs, and the elderly over the age of 75 who are not registered can also go to health centers to be vaccinated.

He pointed out that the educational staffs are from the front lines that must receive the vaccine, but we are gradually moving, but if vaccines are available, some adjustments will be made.

Adding : “Whoever needs a vaccine to allow him to visit prisoners, must go immediately to get it.”

Al-Shakhra predicted that “we will need between 4-5 million vaccine, and those recovered can get one dose of the vaccine, according to the World Health Organization, but after 3 months of their recovery.”

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