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The polls opened for the 24th Israeli Knesset elections

For the fourth time in less than two years

Jerusalem24 – Today, Tuesday, elections for the 24th Israeli Knesset will be held for the fourth time in less than two years, and ballot boxes opened at seven in the morning, and will close at ten in the evening.

The number of ballot boxes is 13936, and the number of voters who have the right to vote is 6578084 , an increase of 124,829 voters compared to the previous elections. Nearly half a million people are not permanently present in Israel according to data published by the Israeli Elections Commission.

According to the Arab48 website, the elections are held in 12,127 regular polling stations, of which 3776 are easily accessible, 547 polling stations in protected housing and nursing homes, 61 polling stations in prisons, 309 polling stations in hospitals, in addition to 56 Corona polling centers, and four centers. Voting in Corona hotels.

Within the framework of the elections under Corona, 409 polling centers were set up in 340 districts, and 342 polling centers for patients in 300 districts, and in total there are 13936 polling stations.

From the moment the regular polling stations close, and small gatherings at 20:00 and the rest of the country at 22:00, polling stations will start counting votes.

From 22:00, the Israeli Election Commission will start coordinating the voting results received from the ballot boxes.

The preliminary results are expected to be published sometime between Wednesday morning until Friday afternoon.

On March 31, the final and official results of the elections will be presented to Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, who has stated that he will not invite the parties during consultations with them and will not seek to form a unity government.

Polls published last week predicted that one of the two camps, headed by Likud Party leader and Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. And in opposition to him in the anti-Netanyahu camp, led by the Yesh Atid party headed by Yair Lapid, and Tikva Hadhah chief, Gideon Sa’ar.

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